CryptoVoxels: VoxCon Rebranding Event

May 3, 2022
CryptoVoxels - VoxCon Rebranding Event
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CryptoVoxels is making a huge step towards the future! So join the team in its journey of transformation at the upcoming Voxcon rebranding event. Say hello to future Voxels on May 3 at 8:00 PM EDT!

CryptoVoxels is a virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy land, build shops, galleries and much more through the platform. Mainly, the CryptoVoxels game focuses on arts and visual culture fans, making it the perfect contender for an Android mobile game.

CryptoVoxels Welcome a New Era

“CryptoVoxels” will welcome its new era with a grand carnival of entertainment. During the event, the team will shake off the cumbersome ‘Crypto’ alias, leaving the streamlined and altogether more accessible “Voxels” as the all-encompassing brand name. This move aims to expand the reach of the platform to non-crypto enthusiasts. In addition, it will be easier for users to recall a shorter brand name and it is more universal.

Based on the official video trailer, Voxels is welcoming its new phase with an extravagant gala of outlandish distractions. The festivities will start with the grand unveiling of the brand new, freshly designed Voxels logo. Then, a host of fantastic art, live DJ sets, documentaries, guest speakers, workshops and voxelated ‘food’ will make the event more lively. In parallel, there would be fantastic giveaways. So attendees would have a chance to win some of the finest NFT goodies the metaverse has to offer.

Added May 1, 2022