Iverson Classic Metaverse

April 27, 2022
Iverson Classic Metaverse
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NFT PRO™ and Iverson Classic, presented by SHOWTIME Sports, will launch the Iverson Classic Metaverse. The new NFT Marketplace aims to support the country’s most competitive and electrifying All-American high school basketball game.

The All-American game will be aired on Saturday, April 30 at 4 PM ET on CBS Sports, powered by SHOWTIME Basketball. Meanwhile, the Iverson Classic Metaverse will be live at 10 AM ET on Wednesday, April 27.

About the Iverson Classic Metaverse

NBA star Allen Iverson with businessmen Jai Manselle and Bobby Bates, developed the Iverson Classic. The series features top collegiate talent and future NBA Stars competing in a televised game. “The Iverson Classic has always been about shifting the culture. After seeing what NFT PRO did with Lamborghini and Juventus, we knew they were the perfect partner to help us take premium All-American sports into the metaverse,” said Jai Manselle, Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Iverson Manselle Bates Enterprises and Iverson Classic. “This collaboration will represent the next generation of fan engagement, memorabilia, and access.”

Meanwhile, the highlights of the Iverson Classic metaverse include:

  • NFT PRO’s white-label NFT program will elevate the Iverson Classic fan experience. Now, they can connect directly and authentically with star athletes and coaches in an unprecedented way. In addition, NFT pro will provide a full tech stack and creative strategy via NFT drops and unique utility.
  • Then, Iverson Classic will sell 26 distinct NFT jerseys representing each player. Fans who purchase all 13 on a team will have access to exciting utilities and experiences. For example, they will get a bonus designer Gold Varsity Jacket NFT and a live fireside virtual chat with the team’s coaches.
  • Lastly, fans who will buy one of the 22 “Digital Twin” NFT commemoration tickets will also receive a physical ticket to the actual game.
Added April 27, 2022