Megacube 2 – Decentraland

May 6, 2022

Company: Polygonal Mind

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MegaCube is a gigantic cube composed of smaller cubes, that have to be mined one by one, click by click, layer by layer, until the core is reached.

A long-lasting collaborative experience between Decentraland citizens to discover what’s inside the cube.


When and Where

The Megacube will be running on the 6th of May, 2022 on Decentraland. It can be mined right away by clicking on it. As the cubes that compose the Megacube disappear, new Layers will show up. Finally, until 100 Layers are mined. During the process, players can get awesome Sponsored rewards hidden in some Cubes. Also, unlock others that are available for everyone. The last Cube of the last Layer contains the biggest and most wanted prize. This is composed of NFTs and ERC-20 tokens from Sponsors. Only one player can claim it.

Players can improve their gaming experience by leveling up and purchasing special items with Cube Dust (CD).

There will be also a Party Area in which players can enjoy live music and events. Additionally, mini-games, and visit Sponsors’ booths!

When does it end?

Once all the Layers are mined. This will be decided by how furiously players mine and how they use the Power-Ups.

Who is behind MegaCube?

This project is being developed by Polygonal Mind. This is a creative development studio that imagines, designs, and develops stunning environments. This is including avatars, and experiences with a huge artistic value

Polygonal Mind has plenty of experience building games, galleries, and experiences in Decentraland. Now they want to push the limitations of the platform a bit further. This is by creating the biggest multiplayer experience. This is in Decentraland to date.

How can I get involved?

If you have an NFT or blockchain-related project just get in touch and let’s see how can we do something together for the second edition of Megacube.


Creator: Polygon Mind

Location: Decentraland Metaverse

Number of Attendees: 500+


Added April 11, 2022