Megaverse Tour: Sugar Club Metaverse

April 28, 2022
Sugar Club Metaverse Tour
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The Megaverse tour of BOONKBOTS and Bitwax Records chose the Sugar Club Metaverse in Decentraland as its first stop. So fetch your dancing shoes because Si Kennedy has prepared a blinder of a DJ set for you! Let’s backtrack a little, what exactly is the Megaverse tour? According to the partners, it is “a journey through the vast unknown, exploring all the different clubs of the metaverse. Forget dancing 2.0. This is dancing 3.0! We bring the best club music, you bring the vibes.”

Megaverse Tour’s first stop will be on April 28 (9:00 PM CET) at Decentraland’s Sugar Club Metaverse.

Line-up: Megaverse Tour

Here’s the exciting line-up for the community:

  • BITWAX NFT label boss Rory is at the reins of the decks for this 30 minutes, a fast-paced platter of a techno extravaganza.
  • DJ B00NKB0T A DJ BOONKBOT set is a multisensorial crypto-experience, mixing old and new techno with meme culture. DJ BOONKBOT is the brainchild of Mumbai Science, the producer duo from Belgium and dance music veterans for over 15 years.
  • Seasoned veteran behind the wheels of steel, Si Kennedy takes his turn to make you dance. His one-hour set takes on a journey of the best house music available. With his club-ready light and laser display, it makes for incredible viewing.
Added April 27, 2022