Metaverse Summit 2022 – Yourstory

March 25, 2022


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The Metaverse Summit – a Virtual, global conference to be held on March 25-26, 2022, for connecting blockchain gurus, tech players such as startups and large enterprises, government authorities, IT leaders, as well as tech entrepreneurs, investors, and developers to come together to BUIDL a decentralized future powered by Web 3.0

Why participate?

Explore latest blockchain innovations from established tech leaders and emerging startups
Learn from the world’s top-most blockchain gurus, successful use-cases, implementation, roadblocks, and much more
Furthermore, network with and meet some of the most talented blockchain developers and engineers in the business
Find relevant startups for collaboration to develop products and services of mutual interest
Network with regional government authorities and potential partners


Showcase your innovations in front of early adopters, as well as governments, and enterprises who are eager to explore blockchain solutions in their businesses
Meet the most exciting blockchain startups to explore integrations, as well as listings, and other areas of common interest
Raise funds by meeting with potential investors interested in your type of product and solutions
Additionally, present your ideas and innovations in front of a curated audience consisting of investors, senior government authorities, and global technology enterprises
Get maximum brand exposure through regional and international media, as well as tech-bloggers and journalists
Learn and network with international blockchain experts and regional policymakers

Metaverse Summit Investors & Ecosystem Stakeholders:

Meet curated startups that have potential value in a growth-oriented market and practical solutions to real problems
Get privileged access to startup pitch decks that are curated and approved by our advisory board comprising of investors, thought leaders, and senior technology fellows
Access to dedicated networking lounge specially reserved for speakers, as well as investors, and VIPs attending the show
Finally, receive startup pitch decks much prior to the event, so you can come prepared with your customized questions to them

Location: YourStory
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Tickets Availability: Tickets are available on Events.hubilo
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: Top developers and creators will be participating in the event in the Metaverse.

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