Tommy Hilfiger – Virtual Store at Decentraland Fashion Week

March 24, 2022

Company: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Joins Decentraland's Fashion Week
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Premium clothing line Tommy Hilfiger is joining Decentraland’s inaugural Metaverse Fashion week. So the American brand will use the virtual catwalk to showcase its Spring 2022 collections. In addition, fans would have a chance to purchase branded digital wearables using the retail platform.

Tommy Hilfiger x Decentraland: Virtual Fashion Show and Store

The brand’s virtual store will be open throughout Fashion Week’s four-day span between March 24th-27th. It will be located at the virtual world’s lifestyle and cultural playground, Boson Portal. Here, fans will be able to purchase Tommy Hilfiger wearable NFTs which they can redeem for physical products.

In terms of user experience, customers can teleport their avatar to the virtual store. Then, they can start shopping from a select range of limited-edition products from the brand. Aside from the Boson Protocol metaverse marketplace, the Tommy Hilfiger NFTs will be up for grabs through Decentraland’s marketplace.

About the Metaverse Fashion Week

Visitors and brands alike have the opportunity to experience virtual fashion shows, attend after-parties and concerts, and buy and wear digital clothing. In addition, there will be shops, talks, showrooms and events – promising an immersive experience like no other.

The event is free to attend. However, attendees need to have an Ethereum wallet to purchase digital wearables. Moreover, while most events will be open to everyone, there will be some exclusive events that are only accessible to the owners of a brand’s NFTs. In addition to digital wearables, several fashion houses will enable guests to purchase real-life pieces from their metaverse collections.

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